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Partnership is ideal for ambitious consulting companies who focus on bioinformatics, cheminformatics, molecular modelling, computational chemistry, or toxicology, and:

Work with, or develop
software for early drug
discovery & dev

in computer-aided
drug design

Have customers in
pharmaceutical & biotech,
academia, or government

Power your customers' biggest discoveries

Our thoroughly vetted, evidence-based data is trusted around the world and has been cited in more than 26,000 academic publications.

Your customers will benefit from having access to the world’s most-up-to-date, AI-ready datasets that have a proven track-record of uncovering major insights.

With near-endless uses, our data empowers actionable insights, reduces drug discovery and development timelines and costs, and improves success rates.

We’re invested in
your success

We work alongside you to ensure you and your customers have everything you need to succeed.

You’ll be able to offer your customers special licensing rates and access to the world’s most accurate and comprehensive pharmaceutical knowledgebase.

And we’ll be backing you up with tailored sales and marketing support so you can confidently attract and retain customers.

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