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Easily connect data from health records and various sources to generate insights quicker. Integrate our Clinical API to access our extensive and structured drug database.

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Access to trusted and up-to-date information is critical for providers when they need to make decisions that impact a patient’s health. DrugBank’s proprietary content is authored, curated, and updated daily by a team of pharmacists, pharmacologists, and medical doctors. From drug ingredients to drug pharmacology, we ensure that our data is accurate and reliable.

Search Features

Product Concepts

Search by name, route, dosage, form or other product parameters and get a unique “Product Concept Identifier” to capture a specific level of detail.

Fuzzy Search

Get accurate results even when your spelling isn’t. Reduce errors and ensure accurate medication entry that’s critical for drug-drug interaction alerts.


Quickly find what you’re looking for by typing the first few letters to get a list of suggested searches immediately. Search by brand, ingredient, or generic name.

Save Lives by Preventing Adverse Drug Events

Adverse drug events affect millions of patients each year, resulting in emergency department visits or hospital stay extensions. DrugBank can help with clinical decision support to aid physicians and providers in preventing medication errors, adverse drug reactions and overdoses.

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Integrate Faster with Our Developer-Friendly API

Getting started with a new API can be challenging. Our Clinical API is reliable and easy-to-use, which means less time spent on integrations and more time improving your EMR software. Our fast and highly available REST API returns JSON results for easy integration into any clinical software product.

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Improve Quality of Care with Interoperability

Different systems use various drug and drug product identifiers, which makes the sharing of patient medication history difficult between EMR softwares. DrugBank helps you adhere to common data standards and achieve interoperability as many identifiers (such as RxNorm, ICD-10, and NDC codes) can be easily mapped to our structured data.

DrugBank supports interoperability between many regions.

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