Precision Medicine

Deliver better,
tailored treatments

Get the whole patient story, with our datasets or API

Don't let poor data stand in your way

Structured and evidence-based data allows you to easily interpret, analyze, and put your findings to good use. With anything less—you're just doing guesswork.

Ground your work in good data

We've designed our drug data with multiple layers of built-in relationships, and ensured they're well-referenced so you can confidently deliver individualized care.

Understand risk &
tailor treatment

Our machine-learning ready drug data is curated by our expert team and updated daily.

  • Account for lifestyle and medications
    Using data that spans clinical and molecular domains
  • Create safe and effective treatment plans
    Using data that allows you to build and validate algorithms
  • Avoid severe adverse drug reactions
    By incorporating pharmacogenomics data into your work

Integrate & annotate quickly

Our data includes pharmacogenomics (PGx), drug-protein interactions, & drug interactions information.

  • Quickly annotate genetic testing reports
    Using data that contains highly detailed information
  • Find the right treatment faster
    By integrating pharmacogenomics data into the clinical setting
  • Quickly find the answers you need
    Using our data to easily build complex queries

Data solutions made for you

Accessible through our data downloads or Clinical API, we make it easy for you to put our comprehensive drug database to work.

Dataset Downloads

From our proprietary drug categories to targets, we have the extensive drug data needed to power your research.

Most requested Precision Medicine datasets:

SNP effects and actions are helpful for annotating genetic tests.
Drug Products
Leverage up-to-date drug products for various prescribing algorithms.
Drug-Drug Interactions
Capture known drug-drug or drug-food interactions and build predictive models for potential interactions and risks.

API Integration

Our Clinical API taps into our up-to-date drug database, empowering users to make better health decisions.

Most requested Precision Medicine Modules:

Drug Search
Required for add-on modules, this base module provides useful ways to search and access the complete list of drug products.
Drug-Drug Interaction Checker
Severity rating, description of interaction, and management details. Search by: ingredients, products, or product concepts.
Drug Allergies
Required for add-on modules, this base module provides useful ways to search and access the complete list of drug products.
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